INTERNS WANTED: Announcing Summer 2013 Gamers Against Bigotry Internship Positions

Gamers Against Bigotry is excited to announce our first ever summer internship positions: The Inclusivity Guide Project Lead and The Apparel & Merchandise Design LeadCheck out the at-a-glance descriptions of the roles below, click any of the links on this page for more info, and be in touch if you think you might be the droids we’re looking for. Also, please share this post with any friends who are awesome!

View the full position descriptions and apply here.

Inclusivity Guide Project Lead

GAB is looking for a self-directed, passionate individual to take the lead in the creation of GAB’s Inclusivity Guide (working title), a project that will be used by game developers looking to make their games more inviting and welcoming to gamers of all identities, and their characters more well-rounded, relatable, and diverse.


Apparel & Merchandise Design Lead

GAB is looking for an artistic, driven, creative individual to take the lead in the creation of GAB’s line of apparel and merchandise, to be released in Fall 2013. The designs created will be featured on clothing, posters, mugs, stickers, and other miscellaneous items, and will also be featured electronically in various places around the web.


More Opportunities

As always, check out  the Volunteer Page to see the more long-term roles we are looking to fill, or if you’re a writer or programmer (looking for both!).


Gamers Against Bigotry


The Pledge:

As a gamer, I realize I contribute to an incredibly diverse social network of gamers around the world, and that my actions have the ability to impact others. In effort to make a positive impact, and to create a community that is welcoming to all, I pledge to not use bigoted language while gaming, online and otherwise.

Bigoted language includes, but is not limited to, slurs based on race? (e.g, "chink," "nigger," "wetback"), ethnicity? (e.g., "kyke," "polock"), gender? (e.g., "cunt," "bitch," "tranny"), religion? (e.g., "dirty jew," "papist"), sexual orientation? (e.g., "gay," "fag[got]," "dyke"), and disability? (e.g., "retard[ed]").

Read more about the pledge, including what is and isn't included, and the overall purpose here.

Read why you shouldn't use the word "rape" casually here.

Sign the Pledge