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Gamers Against Bigotry Awarded “Best Path to Inclusive Gaming”

Press Play

The Austin Chronicle, as one of their annual The Best of Austin awards, named Gamers Against Bigotry “The Best Path to Inclusive Gaming.”  You can see their official posting here, but it’s also quoted below. Sam Killermann is one of the LGBT community’s greatest allies with the Safe Zone Project, The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook: A Guide… Read more »

GAB Heroes: the real-life people who inspire us

We ran our #GABhero campaign for a week, resulting in these images, but we didn’t want it to end there. There are far more than a week’s worth of people who enhance our community, make us proud to be geeks, and set a high bar for us to aspire to. In no particular order… (Click… Read more »

Dear Straight Male Gamer

The following article was written by Tauriq Moosa for Big Think on August 13, 2013. It was reposted here with Tauriq’s permission. You can view the original article on Big Think here and follow Tauriq on Twitter @tauriqmoosa. The story he links to is an old one, but (unfortunately) not much has changed since. We are sharing Tauriq’s… Read more »

From Jenny Hanniver: Lots of Words [UPDATED]

Note: we are hosting this blog post here at Jenny’s request due to an overwhelming amount of traffic on her site that brought it down (the original link for the post was On July 26th, I was playing Black Ops 2 on my Xbox 360. Another player in the lobby took issue with me being there,… Read more »

Must Watch: Extra Credits does it again with “Toxicity”

We at GAB have always been fans of Extra Credits. We’ve cited their “Harassment” Episode from Season 4 many times in conversations with devs. It’s fantastic. Two seasons later, they are still bringing it. Check out the video below about “Toxicity” in the gaming environment (a term made popular in the GDC Presentation by Riot about… Read more »

The First 3,000 Gamers Against Bigotry [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a big step for us, folks. The site is solid, the staff is in the double digits and growing weekly, and we just passed the 3,000th person to sign the pledge. Check out the graphic below for a demographic breakdown of our first 3,000 pledges, and share it in celebration! Huzzah! One note… Read more »

New Website, Same Mission

Hey folks, If you’ve been to the site before, you’re likely a bit shocked by this visit.  Maybe it went something like: window.onload = function() {alert(‘WHAA?!’)}. Ha, that’s a javascript joke for you. You’re welcome. Anyhoo. More than just a cosmetic facelift, the entire site was rebuilt from the ground up, line-for-line, script-for-script. The new site… Read more »

How to Respond to Bigoted Language [COMIC]

Check out this more visual alternative to this article we posted a couple days ago. This comic was originally posted here, and was reposted with permission from the creator.