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DO NOT ENGAGE: Dickwolves, Again.

“Why are you going to PAX? Don’t you know what they’ve done?” This is a question I got asked a lot in the weeks and days leading up to PAX, given their history of making Penny Arcade seem like an organization that is anything but against bigotry. Yes, of course I know about that. That’s why I went to PAX….

Reconciliation: A roundtable discussion with Chloe and Allistair

This past week was a harrowing one for the video game community as a whole, several members in particular, and for communities beyond. I wrote an article that was met with mixed response due to its vagueness, which was an attempt to not speak on any individual’s behalf. Yesterday evening I received an email from… Read more »

Reflecting on Race & Racism in Gaming

This past week we focused our Facebook and Twitter discussions on race and racism in gaming. In my opinion, it was the best weekly theme discussion we’ve had yet. I wanted to take a moment to look back at the week, highlight some outstanding moments, and provide a bit of a reflection from my perspective…. Read more »

Reflecting on “Fake Geek Girls”

A look back on the theme of the week by Gamers Against Bigotry’s Founder & Director, Sam Killermann We just wrapped up a week of discussing the fabled “Fake Geek Girl” — the third thus far of our weekly themes that are going better than we could have anticipated. I want to take a moment… Read more »