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Revisiting the “Tropes vs. Women” Series, Videos 2 & 3

In all honesty I find Tropes vs. Women in Videogames to be an entirely depressing series of videos to watch, write, and generally think about. This is not, however, related to the videos themselves but instead the issues they highlight and the more vocal and malignant responses. Of course, not all of the retorts which… Read more »

Moving Forward with PAX: A How-To

Full disclosure: On a personal level, I’ve been boycotting Penny Arcade and affiliated properties since Mike Krahulik’s statements in June, and stated as much in an open letter back then. It’s my feeling that I’ve not let this conflict with my duties as Social Media Director for GAB though, as I’ve stayed true to our… Read more »

DO NOT ENGAGE: Dickwolves, Again.

“Why are you going to PAX? Don’t you know what they’ve done?” This is a question I got asked a lot in the weeks and days leading up to PAX, given their history of making Penny Arcade seem like an organization that is anything but against bigotry. Yes, of course I know about that. That’s why I went to PAX….

Slipping Down the Slope: A Guide to Common Logical Fallacies

Recently I had an exchange with Sam Killermann, founder and head of Gamers Against Bigotry, where we debated our positions on a hot-button social issue that was on the activist website. I won’t get into specifics, but our cordial and respectful back-and-forth led to a common-ground understanding of not only where we stood (which was together on… Read more »

Fully Human: What Gamers and Developers Can Learn from the Victory over DOMA

DOMA is dead. And good riddance. But the cause of death wasn’t caused by a spontaneous, nationwide chanting of kumbayah. It was a hard fought, computer mediated battle to re-humanize the LGBTQ community. Propelled by viral activism, supporters and allies pushed back against the marginalization of the LGBTQ identity as threatening, deviant, and irrelevant to the status… Read more »