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Gamers Against Bigotry Awarded “Best Path to Inclusive Gaming”

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The Austin Chronicle, as one of their annual The Best of Austin awards, named Gamers Against Bigotry “The Best Path to Inclusive Gaming.”  You can see their official posting here, but it’s also quoted below. Sam Killermann is one of the LGBT community’s greatest allies with the Safe Zone Project, The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook: A Guide… Read more »

The Mary Sue GAB Interview

We’re pleased to say that The Mary Sue, a site with the tagline “A Guide to Girl Geek Culture,” published an article about Gamers Against Bigotry.  The article focused on an interview with Sam about Gamers Against Bigotry, probing into the goals of the movement and the obstacles we’ll have to overcome.  It’s a great read if… Read more »

Wil Wheaton Tumblr Thread about GAB

A Tumblr thread started by Wil Wheaton (Yes, that Wil Wheaton — has generated over 800 reblogs (woot!), yet only about 200 visitors have come to the site via Tumblr, and of those 200 only 150 have signed the pledge (uhh?).  The popularity of the idea on Tumblr is awesome news, but highlights something we… Read more »

“Attack the Blog” GAB Article

Chris Mason of Attack the Blog ( published a great little write-up about GAB, which is posted below.  Check out the original article here, an be sure to share it with a friend or twenty. Following is the article: Sam Killermann over at It’s Pronounced Metrosexual has recently launched a great new site called Gamers Against Bigotry. The… Read more »