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Reflecting on Race & Racism in Gaming

This past week we focused our Facebook and Twitter discussions on race and racism in gaming. In my opinion, it was the best weekly theme discussion we’ve had yet. I wanted to take a moment to look back at the week, highlight some outstanding moments, and provide a bit of a reflection from my perspective…. Read more »

The First 3,000 Gamers Against Bigotry [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a big step for us, folks. The site is solid, the staff is in the double digits and growing weekly, and we just passed the 3,000th person to sign the pledge. Check out the graphic below for a demographic breakdown of our first 3,000 pledges, and share it in celebration! Huzzah! One note… Read more »

New Website, Same Mission

Hey folks, If you’ve been to the site before, you’re likely a bit shocked by this visit.  Maybe it went something like: window.onload = function() {alert(‘WHAA?!’)}. Ha, that’s a javascript joke for you. You’re welcome. Anyhoo. More than just a cosmetic facelift, the entire site was rebuilt from the ground up, line-for-line, script-for-script. The new site… Read more »

Reflecting on “Fake Geek Girls”

A look back on the theme of the week by Gamers Against Bigotry’s Founder & Director, Sam Killermann We just wrapped up a week of discussing the fabled “Fake Geek Girl” — the third thus far of our weekly themes that are going better than we could have anticipated. I want to take a moment… Read more »

What happened to our 1500 Pledges?

We got hacked earlier this evening, causing us to lose all of the pledges we gained since the last database backup (and thank the gaming gods I even had the wherewithal to make that backup).  Oh, and I suppose I should say we got hacked again.  See, this has been a daily battle for us.  Here’s… Read more »

Gamers Against Bigotry Action Plan

A lot of people have asked (on forums and in emails) “What’s the plan for the future of the organization? Is it just a list of names?” Above is a graphic we just posted on Facebook that highlights what the major steps are for the organization.  After you check it out, let us know what other… Read more »

Why you should stop saying “rape” casually in games

I know this is going to be a hot-button for a lot of you, so I wanted to be sure I could lay it all out here before I pressed it.  If you agree that you should avoid identity-based bigotry in games, then you should also avoid using the word “rape” in a casual context…. Read more »

Welcome to Gamers Against Bigotry

Hi there!  Gamers Against Bigotry is a new organization dedicated to — you guessed it — ending bigoted language in online (and offline) gaming.  The site is brand new, so it’s likely to have a few bugs (let us know if you find one), but the main function, the pledge, should be working just fine.  Check… Read more »