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#GABhangsout 2: Hangout of Horrors!

  We got together with some awesome people to talk about horror games and their terrifying problem with tropes! Table of Contents 0:00:35 Introductions 0:06:21 What Makes a Horror Game? 0:14:05 Good Horror 0:18:45 The Asylum Game Jam 0:24:16 Negative Troupes/Cliques 0:35:03 Passive Horror 0:43:32 Negative Troupes 2 (Disability-shaming boogaloo) 0:45:47 Actual Warfare 0:47:05 Mental Illness in gaming as subject matter? 0:54:42 Writing needs Variety… Read more »

Must Watch: Extra Credits does it again with “Toxicity”

We at GAB have always been fans of Extra Credits. We’ve cited their “Harassment” Episode from Season 4 many times in conversations with devs. It’s fantastic. Two seasons later, they are still bringing it. Check out the video below about “Toxicity” in the gaming environment (a term made popular in the GDC Presentation by Riot about… Read more »