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Slipping Down the Slope: A Guide to Common Logical Fallacies

Recently I had an exchange with Sam Killermann, founder and head of Gamers Against Bigotry, where we debated our positions on a hot-button social issue that was on the activist website. I won’t get into specifics, but our cordial and respectful back-and-forth led to a common-ground understanding of not only where we stood (which was together on… Read more »

Must Watch: Extra Credits does it again with “Toxicity”

We at GAB have always been fans of Extra Credits. We’ve cited their “Harassment” Episode from Season 4 many times in conversations with devs. It’s fantastic. Two seasons later, they are still bringing it. Check out the video below about “Toxicity” in the gaming environment (a term made popular in the GDC Presentation by Riot about… Read more »

Fighting Abusive Behavior Online – A HOW-TO

A script to help fight offensive and abusive behavior online by Shawn Kerr, Resident Anthropologist Our lives are filled with scripted behaviors and interactions. We all perform scripts on a daily basis whether we’re aware of it or not. The way we address our bosses as opposed to our friends is a script we use… Read more »